[hackerspaces] Beginning projects?

James Moore jameslmoore at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 18:53:18 CET 2011

Hey guys,

A couple of us decided to put together a hackerspace/makerspace and are
looking for ideas for some fun, beginning type projects.  We've got about
eight people so far and will be meeting at various members houses/garages
for awhile until we can grow enough to get our own space.  That aside, next
week we're meeting and going to try and brew some beer together.  I also
thought we could pick up some Arduinos and some red/green LED's and make a
little Christmas ornament as an Arduino and possibly soldering intro.  I've
got some welding and metal working gear, so that could provide some fun
times but it would be hard to entertain a group of eight plus with only 1-2
welders and limited safety equipment.

Do you guys have any recommendations for intro-beginner projects that don't
require a lot of gear or that we could pick up somewhat cheaply or provide
ways to branch out into other projects with some of the same sort of gear.
 I figured Arduinos and soldering irons are pretty cheap for the amount of
stuff you can do with them.  What else?

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