[hackerspaces] DARPA Sponsored Hacker Space Assessment

Ben Brown ben at generik.ca
Tue Dec 6 17:27:43 CET 2011

Hmm... I don't think 'open' belongs anywhere near 'not be shared with
the general public'. I realize what you meant though.. open nature as in
they're not forcing anyone to give up any specific information they
don't want to. That's nice.

Sociological breakdown, capabilities, financing.... sounds like a nice
rundown to allow for future collaboration on DARPA projects. Also sounds
like a great addition for a government-maintained hacker registry... or
since it's the DoD, I guess it's more likely a watch list? With
sponsorship as an incentive.


On 12/6/2011 10:44 AM, Jesse Krembs wrote:
> Dear All
> In light of the recent discussion ("will the fruits of our labors be
> used for, good or for evil?") I figure it would be time to ask a
> question I have been pondering for some time.
> Would the hacker space that you are a member of participate in a
> assessment of your hacker space if it was sponsored by DARPA?
> Additional information to consider:
> DARPA would be the sole receiver of this the information collected
> during the assessment. It would not be shared with the general public
> or the participating hacker spaces.
> The assessment would be of an open nature. With all the information
> provided by the hacker space being assessed as they feel fit.
> The requested information would be broad (state of financing, number
> of members, project, interests, tools, aspirations, history, etc) but
> not particularly specific.
> For example:
> How many members and what the sociological breakdown is.
> There would of course be some very specific questions but not
> particularly intrusive I think. Name, address, contact info.
> The idea is that the assessment would be in person by the DARPA
> sponsored individual, with the assessor taking pictures of the space,
> making floor plan maps, inventory of major equipment (we have a
> lathe!). I think this is a good opportunity as well to provide a
> narrative history of the space and other relevant topics.
> Feel free to answer me on or off list. I'm not interested in launching
> a big discussion football BTW, just trying to get a sense of what the
> community at large thinks. The work/life change required to perform
> this work is quite massive and figuring out some fact before hand
> would be key.
> Thank you.
> --
> Jesse Krembs
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