[hackerspaces] Sticker Swap 1.2 - Tetalab Football Club edition

Alexandre Girard hi at alexgirard.com
Tue Aug 30 11:36:48 CEST 2011


After last solstice sticker swap, we propose to take care of next 
sticker swap at Tetalab in Toulouse, France.

Have fun :)




Members of Hacker and Maker Spaces, sticker creators/fans


via snail mail... you remember... the thing that uses stamps


Due by 2011-26-09 -- collections


* To amass a collection of stickers from hacker and maker spaces all 
over the world and redistribute them to people who send in stickers, 
especially if you weren't able to participate to previous edition or 
want more stickers.
* We have got a loads of stickers from Chaos Communication Camp, we'll 
share them.
* You have a hackerspace diplomatic passport? Think about a sticker that 
will fit inside to stamp passports around the world with it.
* This is a special Tetalab Football Clud edition, prepare your Panini 
albums, and exchange your favorites players with your friends!


Grab 10-100+ stickers from your space, toss in an envelope to Tetalab 
with your return mailing address:

Association Tetalab
Batiment A3
3 Boulevard des Minimes
31200 Toulouse

MUST BE POSTMARKED BY 2011-26-09 to participate in this swap. You will 
receive your pack of stickers from participating spaces.

If you wish to participate to sending fees, you can make a donation by 
Flattr - https://flattr.com/profile/tetalab - and click on "donation" to 
give more than a click


contact at tetalab.org

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