[hackerspaces] new hackerspace forming in Manhattan (NYC)

Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Mon Aug 29 18:14:19 CEST 2011

Hi there,

If you'd like to help found a new hackerspace in lower Manhattan
(NYC), give a shout out and I'll add you to our list. We're planning
on having meetups in October to get things rolling. I've secured a
small starter space (with a hacker-friendly landlord), and started a
mailing list. I'll set up a blog and open the list up soon, once we
have meetings going. All areas of expertise and interest are welcome
from comsec to HAM to robot chickens.

Ping me off-list if you're interested, or feel free to share
thoughts/questions on-list. We don't have a name yet except the
generic "hackmanhattan", but our first space is located over a bar, so
that should inspire some names. :)


PS. For my part, I'm basing the space on inspiration taken from HacDC
in DC (I was president elect for a spell) and Noisebridge in SF (where
I hung out when living there a couple years back). In short --
diverse, democratic, nonprofit, collaborative, and a real resource for
the city.

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