[hackerspaces] Element 14 - frustration

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Thu Aug 25 03:09:08 CEST 2011

> "Working hard"?
> Did you not talk to Agent SilverFox?
> Do you not look at your own web site for list of spaces involved?
> When we signed up, we were asked to give contact information, and sign up for E14 accounts on which to document our projects.
> All of us have repeatedly given this information to ASF via the mail list and direct email.
> Surely sometime in the last 3-6 months this information made its way to Element 14.

i agree with jerrys frustration.
the metalab team put a tremendous amount of work in the project 
including a virtual machine for atmel uC (google embedVM)  yet we did 
not receive anything yet.

now months later and only after silverfox anounced it has to close the 
mailinglist and will not work with element-14 from today on we get some 
foul reply from element-14 about working hard.

i am frustrated at this point in time and i will not participate in any 
future hackerspace challenge because of this extremely negative experience.

 > Patience nearly exhausted.


i think it is a good idea to spread word about the behaviour of 
element-14 in this operation.


i absolutely respect mitch, jerry, ben and all the other guys for what 
they do.
that element-14 fucked us over is not their fault.

the whole community site is witten in a bug-invested php framework, 
especially a lot of the xmlrpc interfaces are messy.
just saying. *cough*

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