[hackerspaces] Element 14 messed up Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

Arclight arclight at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 23:05:26 CEST 2011

That's definitely a tough spot for the organizers to be in. When we
participated in the Red Bull Challenge, we were fortunate that Lincoln
Electric was very friendly to work with and took care to make sure the
welder we won was delivered properly.  I can see how Mitch et al do not have
much leverage with the sponsors once the contest is over. It's unfortunate
that some mid-level manager at E14 dropped the ball here.

Maybe some well-placed calls to their sales and marketing departments would
yield results.

On Aug 24, 2011 1:55 PM, "Jerry Isdale" <isdale at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well it looks like closing of one sad act in Hackerspace challenges.
> The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge was judged back in May, yet most
spaces that participated, including winners, have yet to receive most of the
promised rewards. The $$, 5' of solder wick and Lead Cutter came thru (for
most spaces), almost all the other 'rewards' are still AWOL. Some spaces
have reported receiving a soldering station. The Eagle CAD folks seem to be
inching closer to getting license(s) to participants (thanks  Psy Tek
and Ed). but just about every thing else seems to be BS.
> Today, AgentSilverFox, the company who tried to manage the event, are
severing relations with Element 14 - except through lawyers.
> It is really sad that Element 14 has chosen to screw us over. In the
process they have screwed up the potential for future sponsors. How many
spaces are going to be willing to participate if the sponsors are going to
take the publicity and run?
> I feel sorry for Mitch Altman, who lent his good name, face and
promotional talents to the event.
> I, for one, will no longer be watching anything from Ben Heck, Jeri
Ellsworth or other 'hackers' who remain associated with Element 14.  Sorry
folks but you are tainted by continued association.
> Jerry Isdale
> http://MauiMakers.com
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Mark Sanders <mark.sanders at agentsilverfox.com>
>> Date: August 24, 2011 10:14:48 AM HST
>> To: hackerspacechallenge at agentsilverfox.com
>> Subject: [GGHC] Closing the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge
>> Reply-To: hackerspacechallenge at agentsilverfox.com
>> Hi there,
>> I've been putting off sending this email. We haven't been able to secure
the products from our client element14 that were promised to you. Silverfox,
the company that organized the Great Global Hackerspace Competition, will no
longer be working with element14. The nature of the business relationship
and the contracts between our two companies have not been respected and we
have no choice but to part ways. I won't go into detail but our legal
council has advised us that we are obliged to shut down this mailing list.
>> Even at this late stage I honestly thought that we could find a way to
make good on this situation but unfortunately the practicalities didn't
allow it. You all worked tremendously hard and your enthusiasm for this
project was truly outstanding. We are personally working on alternate
arrangements to provide the products that were committed to you. We can't
make any immediate commitments but I look forward to following up with you
all when we have a solution in place.
>> My direct email is mark.sanders at agentsilverfox.com.
>> Our client at element14 is Sabrina Deitch,
>> Sr. Brand Marketing Manager
>> Newark & element14
>> sdeitch at newark.com,
>> T: 773 907 5616
>> MARK SANDERS | SILVERFOX | o 415.701.1701  c:408.728.4674
>> twitter.com/agentsilverfox
>> facebook.com/culturewins
>> culturewins.com
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