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mAcfreAk macfreak109 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 23:05:36 CEST 2011

Hey hackers!

As the time advances, CCC, the Chaos Camp close to Berlin (D) comes closer. Syn2cat, the luxemburgish hackerspace, joined forces to bring 5 hackers to CCC on a small roadtrip starting on Sunday, August 7. We will be heading to the following cities :

Aug 7 : Cologne
Aug 8 : Essen
Aug 8 : Hamburg
Aug 9 : final visits to Hamburg, depart for CCC

Now, along our roadtrip, which we'll be doing in a large campervan (so no couch crash necessary, but a close Parking area would rock!), we would really love to visit some hackerspaces. In fact, we would not only love to see your spaces, but also hear from your projects and dig into some socializing along our roadtrip.
So, we thought of paying a visit to the following spaces along the road :

Cologne : C4, DingFabrik
Essen : Unperfekthaus and 
Hamburg : Attraktor...

As we don't want to trip onto someone's feet, I officially wanted to ask whether there are any people from those spaces on this list and if it was OK with them if we would drop by for a visit. Please manifest yourselves so that we know what to look for and/or expect. We would love to get in touch with y'all!
I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Happy hacking and greetz from Luxembourg!

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    founding member syn2cat.lu
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