[hackerspaces] Fellow hackerspace needs your help

Domain Admin dankney at hackerco.de
Wed Sep 22 18:55:03 CEST 2010

Things had been going pretty well at the Black Lodge in the Seattle Area.
We've been building membership, offering new, peer-taught classes in
lockpicking, penetration testing, python, etc. A community is really coming
together around the space.

But apparently the land our hackerspace is built on is more valuable than
our tenancy, so our landlord decided to tear down our building. While we
have a large enough membership to sustain a hackerspace, moving is expensive
and not something we planned for on short notice.

 We now have five weeks to find a new home or another hackerspace may become
a footnote.

We're estimating a financial gap of ~$2500 to get into a new space, and any
help you could provide raising it is greatly appreciated. We've set up a
pledgie campaign to get us into a space:


If you have other suggestions or know of a good space in the Seattle area we
could get into for less, please let us know.


Don Ankney
The Black Lodge
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