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Alexandre Dulaunoy a at foo.be
Sun Sep 12 18:21:05 CEST 2010

2010/9/12 André Kelpe <efeshundertelf at googlemail.com>:
> 2010/9/12 john arclight <arclight at gmail.com>:
>> This just confirms to me that Club Mate is for hacker spaces now what
>> crack cocaine was to the Projects in the 80s.. :)
> I could stop anytime, no problem, seriously ;-)

Regarding Club-Mate, there is a kind of paradox in all the hackerspaces.
Club-Mate is the default drink available at any hackerspace around the
world but I haven't seen too much hacking around it (except an article in

The main plant extract in Club-Mate is the "Ilex paraguariensis" (common name:
Yerba mate) and the main active components are : theobromine
(well-known to the chocolate fan), caffeine (everyone knows) and
dimethylxanthine (the increase of heart pulsation is mainly due to
that component).

The plant cultivation needs specific condition to grow properly but
maybe there are some opportunities of gardening hacking? Can
we grow easily "Yerba Mate" in pot inside? or even outside in
continental weather condition? What are the ways of extraction/brewing
and how can we properly measure the active components inside?

or maybe I'm digressing...

(an occasional gardener)

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