[hackerspaces] Hackerspace Fest US

strages strages at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 00:53:56 CEST 2010

When: November 12-14 (Veteran's Day weekend)

Makers Local 256
203 Brown St.
Huntsville, AL 35805

What: A meeting of hackerspaces from around the US (maybe the world)
for the weekend.  Planned happenings include:
Reverse Panel Discussion - is your space having an issue you need help
resolving, as the audience which will be as close to experts as you're
going to get concerning hackerspaces.
Hackerspace Xchange - a swap meet for resources your space might have
an excess of.  This is your opportunity to trade those excess gadgets
and gizmos for interesting and useful things.
Lightning talks - take a few minutes to cover a topic you think
everyone else would be interested in.
On site camping!

Why:  If a few smart people getting together develops into a
hackerspace, what happens when a few hackerspaces get together?

Feel free to contact me on or off list for more information.  I
apologize for there not being a real website up with all this info.
You can however find the original flyer handed out at HOPE and
Phreaknic at http://www.hackerspacefest.us/hsflogo4_original.jpg .  I
look forward to hearing from and seeing you all.

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