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Can we get this aggregated into planet.hackerspaces.org?

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It's about time we start capturing all the many small and big things
going on in the space. People building stuff, presenting talks, or
just making a funny.

Turns out our Tumblr-powered blog [1] has a mechanism for external
contributions! (Plus moderator queue. Just ask if you want to help

Submit your things here:

I suggest to keep it simple; don't spend too much time writing. Prefer
pictures over long text. If your thing has lots of complicated details
put them somewhere else (like a wiki page) and link to that from your
blog post.

Unfortunately Tumblr doesn't seem to host images, which means:
* we need suggestions for simple image hosting services we can link to
(for people who don't already have one)
* you'll have to do your own image resizing.

I posted two examples already. Looking forward to see your thing.

[1] http://blog.london.hackspace.org.uk/

- Bryan
1 512 203 0507
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