[hackerspaces] Cleaning up the wiki "list of hackerspaces"

Nate Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Mon Nov 22 21:16:26 CET 2010

The list of hackerspaces is something of a mess. How do dead entries get
removed? Is it okay to edit entries for spaces one is not a member of?

This came to mind because yesterday, on National Public Radio in the US,
there was a story about hackerspaces. The corresponding article is here:


As you can see, it contains a link to that wiki page. I sorta feel bad for
any curious radio listener who hits the page and tries to make sense of
it. The second half of the npr story airs next week, so any cleanup done
between now and then will help improve the image for new visitors. And in
general, having a clean, organized list is always good.


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