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Sun Nov 21 19:08:52 CET 2010

vehicle is not the most expensive part. Find the one that suits your
needs best. If you don't move that often, it might be a container.

Other things to take into account when looking for a vehicle are:
* power supply (if you move a lot, you might want batteries and a big
converter, solar cells etc...).
* weather conditions: A container will get bloody hot in the summer. If
you expect very warm or cold weather, an ex-cooler (food transport)
trailer is an options. It's already isolated!
* windows: A truck is not such a nice workspace if it doesn't have any
windows. Maybe you can use an old bus instead? But windows make your
space easier to break into, as well.
* Water and heating: Is there a space to make tanks for water, fuel and
waste water?

The dutch Fab Lab Truck is operational since June 2010. I bought the
truck about 3 years ago for a mixture of art and hacking projects (not
considering a Fab Lab at that time). The truck is 9.30 meters long,
weighs about 10 tons. It has two solar panels on the roof, which in
summertime deliver about the energy needed for running the Fab Lab a
full day.

The Fab Lab can be used by 5-7 people at a time, which makes it a bit
too small to my liking. I'm considering buying a somewhat larger truck,
(12 meters, and 30cm wider) which is also more space-efficient.
The equipment we take is a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, 2 3D printers
(reprap, makerbot) and a small CNC.


Jaap Vermaas

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