[hackerspaces] Planning Kyoto

Barry van Kampen fish at hackerspaces.org
Sun Nov 14 17:08:05 CET 2010

Hi guys,

Here is the planning for tomorrow in Kyoto!

9am sharp leaving the hotel!
9h40 train to Osaka (Take a bento box or breakfast along the way to eat on
the train)
10am renting the bike

Goal is to bike 15/30 minutes and visit 45/30 minutes around each location

0 Toji 10h30
1 Nigo Castle 11h30
2 Golden tempel Kikaku-ji 12h30
2.5 Deikoka-ji 13h30
3 Imperial Palace 15h00
4 Heian Shrine 16h00
5 Gion 17h00

Return the bike (needs to be back before 19:00)
Have great meal in kyoto
Kyoto nightlife
Go back 22h15 to osaka

You can join/leave whenever you want of course, the area is not to big.

Best regards,
Fish & Guy
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