[hackerspaces] Arch Reactor Hackerspace invites you to Open House 2.0.

Deech deech at ninjacow.net
Sat May 29 23:24:36 CEST 2010

Some of you might know, but for those of you who do not, AR had a heck
of a time with the last space.
Turns out, the guy we were renting from had no real clue about how
things like "occupancy" and "permits" and "Don't piss off the local
Alderman" worked.

We opted out of the ensuing drama and took our toys and moved
elsewhere, but in due to having to lay low and the move, we've been
quiet for the last few months.

NO MORE!  Arch Reactor Hackerspace invites you to our 2nd open
house.... this time in our new and improved location in the Jefferson
Underground building!

DATE:  Saturday, June 19th
TIME:  4pm to 11pm
LOCATION:  Jefferson Underground, 2400 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO
(enter from parking lot on the North side of the building and follow
the signs to the 2nd floor)

Questions can be emailed to info at archreactor.org and more info is
available at www.archreactor.org.

You guys know the drill. There will be fun. There will be demos and
hacks and general smoozing with fellow nerdy types.

We had some terrific envoys from other Hackerspaces last time and we
hope to get some more.

This time, let us plan for you! No more sleeping in a van down by the
river. Several of our local hackers have offered crash space for
members of other Hackerspaces.

Email me if you plan on coming and we'll try to get some crash space
for you. If you're bringing toys, let me know and I'll make sure we
have a space for you to set up.

-Arch Reactor St. Louis

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