[hackerspaces] hackerspaces meetup?

Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Wed May 12 18:24:24 CEST 2010

Actually what has been suggested to me before is that the US should host a
camp every three years.

HAR then US then CCC rinse repeat...

That seems way more manageable to me.  However it means waiting two years =/


On May 12, 2010 12:19 PM, "friday demola" <demolaboy at gmail.com> wrote:

I agree with the collective idea, though as strage said, is there a
better time for it to be held that wont conflict with the other
And also what matt joyce said, mehn the coins is too much, but is
there any Support that can be render for those that is not in the usa
and wanted to attend this Event?

Hack "On


On 5/11/10, strages <strages at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd be fine with this idea. I like the idea of te...
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