[hackerspaces] hackerspaces meetup?

strages strages at gmail.com
Wed May 12 04:02:10 CEST 2010

Hi from Makers Local 256.  I'm trying to poll other spaces if there's
an interest in having another hackerspaces meetup in Huntsville, AL
like we did last year.  It'll likely be in September again and will be
an all weekend event rather than single day as last year.  We'll try
to get a discounted block of rooms as we did last year for attendees
at the Marriott next to the US Space and Rocket Center, a pretty kick
ass attraction for any of you space buffs out there.  The talks and
workspace will be hosted at Makers Local 256, which isn't that far
from the hotel and we'll come pick up whoever might need a ride to and
from the space or the airport for that matter.  I think those that
attended this past year had a good time and met a lot of neat folks
and I'd love it for all of them to return this year and hopefully
bring some new faces as well.  Some if not all of the spaces that were
represented last years were, TxRx Labs, FreesideATL, FouLab, the newly
formed Tweak Labs, Hacker Consortium, and Pumping Station
One....hopefully I didn't forget anyone.  The US Pirate Party and the
Two Hands Project were also in attendance.  Let me know what you guys

Raymond (strages)
Makers Local 256

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