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David Raison david at hackerspace.lu
Sun May 9 18:04:52 CEST 2010

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Jarkko, I'd go as far as say that this is a perfectly normal
development. We had the exact same problem. It was frustrating to see
that 3-5 people were doing all the work and everybody else who claimed
to be interested in the space didn't move their asses.

And to some degree, this is true for every association out there and
will never change.

However, and this is where the bright side comes in, participation,
self-activity, all will improve with a physical space. Not in the
first two months, but after four to five months.. people will start to
join your space and they will actually start very interesting projects
of their own. (Some will always just hang out at the space, but that
seems to be pretty important role to play as well).

Concerning your disagreement, no, not every project needs a space, but
the people need a space. They need something to grasp, something to
hold on to, to understand what a hackerspace is all about.
"Just get one" is exactly right. You can always be on the lookout for
a larger space once you movement gets going.

Doers and makers will also join your project later. They might need an
existing space to get over the situation where they simply don't want
to "build yet another association" or where they're not interested in
theoretical, financial or any similar stuff, but they will be there
and be doing stuff once they have been to your space.

Oh, and yes, we are still having trouble finding people to build the
virtual tools. That is one of the reasons we should build more stuff

Finally, do NOT loose faith. Keep up the hard work and it will
eventually pay out.
I hope I could help to sustain your motivation!


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