[hackerspaces] [THSF] Open Invitation to all geeks, hackers, performers - 2010 - 29..30 May

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Tue May 4 01:11:58 CEST 2010

Toulouse HackerSpace Festival - 2010 - 29..30 May

/* THSF 2010 for intimates */

=> http://thsf.hackerspace.net

/* with Corpus Media - 2010 - 24.. May */

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-         Qu’es aquò ?

A meeting that mixes people from different cultural backgrounds
around the creative use of technology and  understand of the
issues they may raise.

-         Et en plus long ça donne quoi ?
Originally from  Hackerspace , there are hackerspaces, laboratories
more or less formal where all those who wish to involve on projects
relating to science, tech, digital art and more. Festival
is an opportunity for them to share their achievements, their experiences
with any.

-         Concrètement, vous proposez quoi ?
A series of ten conferences ranging from Quantum cryptography to Law
hacking, through alternative social networks or other oddities ... but also
three workshops where you are invited to come  make | hack | Do your own
creations, to learn as ...
The speakers will come from everywhere in France but also from Spain.

-         Qui est derrière tout ça ?
The Hackerspace Toulouse (tetalab.org) which was formed about a year ago
in the wake of the first French Hackerspace Vitry (tmplab.org). This
year, in addition Hackerspace Toulouse, there will be other meetings just
throughout France and elsewhere (other celebrations are on hackerspace.net
and hackerspace.org).

-         Et c'est cher ?
Free as in free beer ;-)


Saturday, May 29 - morning

10:45 to 11:45


Hacktivistas.net Title: Herramientas para la 2.0 Desobediencia Civil
telemática / Tools 2.0 for civil disobedience telematics
  Spanish Language - simultaneous translation
  Keywords Company / Technical
  Speaker Daniel Vázquez
  Bio Daniel is a member of http://hacktivistas.net, a social network
  hacker activists who discuss strategies to adopt, who share and
  synchronize solutions for the creation and maintenance a free society with
  free technologies.

12:00 to 1:00 p.m.


 Title Cracker quantum cryptography: manual
  Quantum cryptography, which uses particles
  light (photons) as quantum bits to encode information is deemed
  incrackable, according that its security protocols is based on
  law (apparently inviolable) of quantum physics. We illustrate here
  how to crack cryptosystems by exploiting flaws
  in physical photon detectors.
  Language Fr
  Keywords Technical / Safety
  Speaker Sebastian Sage
  Sage Bio Sebastian wrote his thesis in Grenoble on the physical chemistry of
  atomcules anti-proton before working in Copenhagen on
  laser cooling. Since 2005 he is researcher at the Royal Institute of
  Technology in Stockholm, where he's working on quantum

Saturday, May 29 - afternoon

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Title Discovering the multitouch interface and PyMT tracker Movida

  PyMT is a framework for creating Python multitouch interfaces.
  If you want to make application that runn withfiducials, the MacBook's
  touchpad, the touch screen touchsmart TM2,
  wiimote .. Give a try! This framework has been designed from scratch, to
  rethink the way to play with tangible and haptic interfaces.
  We'll quickly discuss the project history, examples of bases
  live, how to document, and how to forget our old habits on
  traditional interfaces!

  Movida "A young and modular tracker"

  Movida is a tracker written in C++, designed to be modular and efficient.
  ReacTIvision and CCV are either buggy or not actively devellopped,
and don't integrate
  none of the fabulous new features that users develop ...
  Movida expect become the next platform for tracking, allowing
  anyone develop its own modules, and connect to others!
  We will address the client / server model, the internal threading management,
  present  the web/json interface and how to write a
  first module.

  Language Fr
  Keywords Technical
  Presenter Matthew Virbel
  From Bio / Developer on projects and PyMT Movida

3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.


Title Hack the law for fun and Justice.
  Joseph Breham will discuss on the consequences of
  the unintended use of rules of law in litigation,
  based on specific examples from his experiences
  defending  victims of abuses of globalization by

  Language Fr
  Keywords Company
  Joseph Breham
  Bio Lawyer at the Paris Bar, member of the Sherpa Association -
  http://www.asso-sherpa.org - an international network of lawyers working
  related organizations defending human rights and
  associations of environmental protection

16:30: 5:30 p.m.


Title Self-management producción cultural y: licencias y recursos /

Self-management  and cultural production: the licensing and resources
Description Self-governance and cultural production: the licensing and
  Spanish Language - simultaneous translation
  Speaker Jose Rodriguez
  Jose is a member of Bio Hamlab - http://patiomaravillas.net/hamlab - a
  Hackerspace Madrid

5:45 p.m.: 18.45


Federated Title Social Communication Systems / Communication Systems
federated social networks

  Lorea intende Project to Develop Open Source Distributed year
  That system supports social networking sites adapted to the Needs of
  Specifying communication, dissemination, visibility, security and privacy
  Stemming  from Citizens, civil society, artists and non-profit groups.
  It Already Has A number of social networks Deployed For The development
  and testing of federation features.
  More info: https: / / lorea.cc

  Spanish Language - simultaneous translation - English medium
  Keywords Community / Company / Network
  Speaker Lord Epsylon
  Member of Bio Hackerspace Bilbao

Sunday, May 30 morning

10:45: 11:45


Title OpenStreetMap
  OpenStreetMap is a project about constructing a map of
  world under free license (GPL and C/C) envolving a community
  of volunteers. Conference hosted by Toulibre
  Language En
  Key words Community / Network
  Speaker Thomas Petazzoni
  Bio Engineer & Consultant on  embedded Linux kernel. Contributor on
  many free software projects and legal representative of the association

12:00: 13:00


DIY Botnet Title
Description Presentation of a concept of multi architecture  posix/win32 Botnet

  approach to cryptography within a decentralized network (ECDH, signature
  control commands), the concept of overlay network (set / get / routing)
  Survival Network, (methods of communication between peers (icmp
  Backscatter, udp hole punching, rendez-vous point)

  Demonstration of a decentralized network in heterogeneous (router mips,
  phone, pc)
  How to make one yourself :-)

  Language En
  Keywords Technical / Security / Networks
  Speaker B.K

Sunday, May 30 afternoon

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Title PureDarwin
Description PureDarwin - http://www.puredarwin.org/
An operating system based on open source foundations of Darwin.
Low induction, large potential.

  Various issues will be addressed, those relating to development
  outright to the real challenge, relationships with Apple (and its
  protectionism) through the paradox of PureDarwin as an Open Source project.

  Language En
  Keywords Technical / OS
  Speaker A.Q. (Potentially the creator "Probono" from Germany)
  Bio Inductor / From within the project PureDarwin
  -Http: / / www.puredarwin.org/

Workshops / Workshops

Arduino Workshop led by John Lucas

  Arduino is a platform based on a interface mapping input / output and
  a simple development environment for the  non-geek (or almost).
  Its capabilities include building independent, interactive devices for
  all kinds of applications : art, robotics, education, etc..

    info: http://arduino.cc

  2 sessions of discovery Saturday afternoon (14h-16h / 16h-18h).


RepRap Workshop hosted by Alexandre Korber

  The RepRap project aims to create a 3D printer largely
  self-replicating. Alex Korber's team usinette (usinette.org) will
  help those who wish to start a repstrap

    info: http://usinette.org, http://reprap.org

  Session (dis) continuous discovery Saturday and Sunday


Workshop Table / wall Tanglible multitouch hosted by Jimmy Hertz

    info: http://www.mucho-media.net/ & http://www.tangibledisplay.com/wp/

  ... Or how to create large multitouch interfaces with
  components from the market - projector, webcam, laser infra-red.
  With  Jimmy Hertz mucho-media.net

  registration required (atelier.thsf @ tetalab.org)
  Session (dis) continuous discovery Thursday to Sunday


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