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Personally I'd avoid referencing this list.  It's proven fairly divisive in
the past.  And again, new and unique.  No rehashing.

On Mar 29, 2010 4:02 PM, "Steve Clement" <steve at localhost.lu> wrote:

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Hi list,

While I also think that the subjected has been treated a lot of times,
there is always a need.

In case of conferences you have Lightning Talks that fit that Bill, use it.

As to what content might be interesting to an International community...
browsing the Hackerspaces.org archive is one source of inspiration.

One topic that I still have on my mind is:

 Participation and Motivation (same issues, but maybe other angles, with
OpenSource projects)

Other areas of interest might be:

 How to handle press related matters

Or "identity" issues like we have currently.
People still do not understand what a Physical Space is. (admittedly
this is a Lightning talk too)

In case of a Panel discussion, I could be of help for the European part
and most of all our Kids and Girls efforts.

Otherwise I am more than happy to help whoever will give a Single talk.

sincerely yours,


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