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Paul Bohm paul at boehm.org
Fri Mar 26 18:26:15 CET 2010

ontology is hard, let's go shopping

if we're going for a classification system that can disambiguate
overlapping names in different categories, i'd say we go for
full-blown dewey decimal from the start.
either the domain names are so complicated that you can't type them
anyway, or you' won't consistent namespace.

personally i just use search engines these days (type "laramie wyoming
hackerspace"(s.org) in chrome but without the dots)

null-labs.hs.net should be active within the hour. if there are more
requests like this i'll change the NS to the hackerspaces.org
server(s) - that is, if one of the existing or future hs.org admins
wants to set up the required dns servers to answer queries so that ppl
other than me can add A records.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Eureka <eureka at fusionnetwork.us> wrote:
> I like the idea of city.country.hackerspace.net If *big if* people were to
> cooperate you should have it redirect to a simple landing page that has a
> listing of spaces..then again it starts to get messy at that point. I also
> would like to point out that im in Laramie.. Now, there are a heck of a lot
> of Laramie's in the USA. Maybe something like
> hackerspace_name.areacode.hackerspace.net ???
> -E
> On 03/26/2010 04:52 AM, Frieder Grießhammer wrote:
>> Dilemma! Both ideas are great. But on the other hand, if you are searching
>> for an hackerspace in your city, you wont try a special domain search, you
>> just take a look into the wiki.
>> So hackerspace_name.hackerspace.net is better for existing hackerspaces.
>> Working with city.country.hackerspace.net is tidier, but what do you do, if
>> there are more than just one hackerspace in a city?
>> What do you think about hackerspace_name.country.hackerspace.net?
>> On 26.03.2010, at 10:23, irraz wrote:
>>> I prefer hackspace_name.hackerspace.net
>>> more personalized and useful for the hackspace ... :-)
>>> In the same way that hackspace.ca.
>>> 2010/3/26 Bob Clough <parag0n at ivixor.net>
>>> would it be better to use cityname.country.hackerspaces.net, so spaces'
>>> areas can be identified easily?
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