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I have spent the past few months visiting Kew Ecovillage daily, an
ecovillage on an empty block in the middle of an urban environment, and it
looks like a template the hackerspaces community can work within to live
without money in a healthy caring world.

If you are not in the London area, you can adopt the model below to expand
your hackerspace into a village like the one in Kew. That would be


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Subject: Grow Your Own Village and Live in Your World


Just to let you know on behalf of Kew Bridge Eco Village, (My curent place
of residence); that there shall be a new oppertunity to start another
amazing community; Untittled 'Grow Your Own Village'

Below is a quick update about the Grow Your Own Village project at Kew
Bridge Eco-Village, and a leaflet ont he bottom which would eb great if it
were passed on. Please note that the mailing list:
groweco-subscribe at lists.riseup.net as shown on the leaflet, has not been
activated yet, but should be working very soon.

We are having meetings at 7pm on Tuesday's to discuss the New Village and
practicals on Sundays at 12pm. If your interested or know anybody who may be
interested in this project then please pass on the information to them; also
if you can then please print out some leaflets below and do the dd bit
offlyering fo us, so we can really start spreading the word and changing the
way the current urban lifestyle is actually distroying our natural being.

So far ideas for this Tuesday's meetup include:

   - Brainstorming ideas for future workshop activities
   - Planning the first set of workshop activities for next Sunday (28th
   - Discussing where we can promote the workshops

If you can think of good places to start promoting the Grow Your Own
Village workshops on or off the web now is a great time to start putting the
word out there.
Peace, love and light.


Are you ready to take radical action to change this planet?

If you are up for living free and responsibly in the urban jungle, come
along to our workshops *every Sunday at Kew Bridge Eco Village at 12 Noon. *

Workshops will cover all aspects of setting up and maintaining a low-impact,
sustainable community EG: spotting derelict land, building structures,
compost toilets, growing food and alternative energy sources.

Location: 2 Kew Bridge Rd, Brentford.

Directions: the entrance is next to the Wagon and Horses pub. The nearest
over ground train station is Kew Bridge (trains from Waterloo). Nearest tube
is Gunnersbury (District Line). Buses from Hammersmith (237&267).

Please check our blog for further info: *www.growyourownvillage.blogspot.com

To subscribe to our mailing list, please email:

*groweco-subscribe at lists.riseup.net*

Site phone: 07967 864 370

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