[hackerspaces] aggregating hs' icalendars

Jon Spriggs jon at spriggs.org.uk
Tue Mar 16 07:28:38 CET 2010

There's nothing I know of at the moment,  but like you, it's something that
NWDC (North West Digital Communities - a steering group for technology
groups in the NorthWest of England) are talking about doing.

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On 16 Mar 2010 00:18, "pieter.heremans" <pieter at l45.be> wrote:


i stealthily added an ical field to the wiki's Hackerspace template,
if your space does publish an ical, add it to your space's wiki page !


an overview is automagically generated:

.. it fits in our plan for future world domination:
aggregate rss / ical feeds and make it ieasy to query by geo-location
(let's say you want to check what's going on in hs within 100km

someone knows a service/project which already has this functionality?
someone interested in putting some time/effort in getting this to work?


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