[hackerspaces] VHS in today's Vancouver Courier

Sven Guckes maillist-hackerspaces-discuss at guckes.net
Fri Mar 5 20:55:06 CET 2010

* Colin Keigher <general at keyboardcowboy.ca> [2010-03-05 20:04]:
> http://www2.canada.com/vancouvercourier/news/story.html?id=5fa63175-1efa-4bba-9823-f45e22152718&p=1
> It's too much to paste, but it's basically a huge feature. Yay! :)

use the "printer friendly" button! :)

text is about 15KB and nicely
compresses to  6KB with bzip2.
formatted to fit a standard terminal
of 80 chars width it's 333 lines.

too bad it's "all rights reserved".


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