[hackerspaces] Now I am totally depressed...

Hank The Curmudgeon hkrishman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 17:55:14 CET 2010

Go and find the "Popular Mechanics" issues from around 1930 (Google
"page" 31 at the bottom of the main search page, linked below) and
move forward. Grab a random issue and check the index. I am
specifically referring to the project pages. Though the ads and
feature articles are fun toothey are not the subject of my mini rant.
Look at the stuff that we built in our home shops. What the hell
happened to us? Where did we, as a nation of inventors, dreamers,
builders and makers, go astray??? Why was this knowledge, these tips
and tricks, ever allowed to be lost? Today our schools teach the kids
garbage and your average condo dwelling urban moron has no freaking
what they are looking at when they go to a hardware store...I see it
every time I'm at Ace or Home Depot. Sad...


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