[hackerspaces] need help hacking Audiovox DPF711K Video Message Center

john arclight arclight at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 08:13:57 CET 2010

Some quick results on your chip numbers:

GL824C - Fancy Flash card/USB controller for embedded systems:

I can't read any of the other chip numbers.

Your best bet is going to be copying them down, then doing Google searches
for "LM7805 data sheet" and poking around in the results.  Unlike sites
offering stolen eBooks, the datasheet sites offer you the goods for free
with just a banner ad at the top of the page or some such.

The bottom and right sections of the boards appear to be power supply. Note
the thick traces come away, and the filter caps. Also, 3-pin chips with heat
sinking and inductors nearby are other good indicators of a switching power

The microcontroller is probably going ot be one of the other large chips.
When you figure out what microcontroller chip you are dealing with, it may
be possible to access/reprogram it via the JTAG bus:


Unfortunately, hacking consumer devices has become a lot more difficult with
better integration of components. One custom ASIC might combine a
microcontroller, eeprom, display driver, UART, etc into one "black box"
package and documentation may not be available if it is a proprietary chip.


On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 1:33 AM, Steve Clement <steve at localhost.lu> wrote:

> Your best bet is to google for them.
> Also getting more familiar with chip-makers Logos is the way to go.
> Is there any page online yet that tells you that?
> Texas Instruments (ti) ->
> http://media.digikey.com/photos/Texas%20Instr%20Photos/296-28-TSSOP.jpg
> Also the Picture is difficult to read. If you could add the Text that is
> written on the Chips to the Forum ppl. can better help you.
> Also, knowing how memory looks takes away some work. Memory is usually
> easily spotted by the text that is written on them.
> By experience I know that timing values (and other specs) are usually
> printed on them etc...
> cheers,
> Steve
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> On Feb 27, 2010, at 7:14 AM, Simon Dorfman wrote:
> anyone recognize any of those chips? any ideas how to get linux or openwrt
> or something like that onto this board?
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