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If you've never taken a class in machines tools or welding, my advice would
be to seek out someone with some experience and get their input.  Also,
there are plenty of "high school shop" level textbooks around at the library
or available used from Amazon, and they cover the safety basics pretty
well.  There are things that are specific to each machine/process (i.e.
don't leave the chuck key in the lathe, don't set the shop on fire while
you're burning with the gas axe) but most of it's common sense.

For the lathe, I can definitely recommend "How to Run a Lathe," published by
Lindsay Books.


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> wrote:

> Hank The Curmudgeon <hkrishman at gmail.com> writes:
> >Safety Training
> >Safety Policy Review And Development
> >Incident Investigation and Response
> >Safety Information
> >Anything else safety related
> One issue we've talked about is how to set up training and check-out
> procedures for determining who is qualified to use a particular machine.
> All of our equipment will be owned by individual members and leased to
> the group for $1/year. But just because I can afford to buy a particular
> machine and lease it to the group does not make me an expert on that
> machine. So, how do I know I'm teaching people the right way to use it?
> Do we have to go out and rent an expert (if we don't have one in house),
> or are there standards we can borrow from elsewhere?
> It would help to know what other spaces are doing, and what they
> recommend. I'd particularly like to know how Techshop does it, because
> they have a lot of equipment and they teach regular "safety and basic
> usage" classes.
> This is in addition to a general "safety culture", which would include
> things like paying attention to likely failure modes.
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