[hackerspaces] Children in hackerspaces.

John Griessen john at industromatic.com
Thu Jan 28 22:20:41 CET 2010

On Thu Jan 28 20:06:54 CET 2010, Matt Joyce  wrote:
 > There's an emerging sense of legitimacy in many of the successes that we've
 > demonstrated publicly in the past few years.  We have an opportunity to
 > capitalize on that and expand our reach significantly.

 > So, yeah while I too see some spaces definitely facing inevitable stumbling
 > blocks, we should not forget the wealth of good will and growing spate of
 > opportunities that are becoming available to us.

There's a hackerspace forming in Austin TX now, so I'd like some suggestions
for insurance to get to avoid my company being vaporized into bankruptcy
in the aftermath of a machine accident by a hackerspace member,
visitor, member's kid, etc.

Off list is fine...


John Griessen

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