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Matt Joyce wrote:
> And to the guys in european squats,  personally I get that you aren't
> subject to a lot lof this...  but I still believe you are acting
> irresponsibly in turning an abandoned property into a public venue.  I
> would recommend to you, that if you are squatting, you do not invite
> people who are not familiar with the situation into your spaces.  It
> would be a minor form of duplicity to do so at the very least.
> When you open your doors to the public at large, whether legally
> required to do so or not you take on a huge responsibility to ensure
> basic requirements are met for your guests.  That's a universal given. 
> Water, toilets, a safe environment, adequate safeguards against fires
> and other reasonably potentional risks.  It's a society accepted
> universal ethical code of conduct that hosts provide these things to
> their guests.  If you are unable to provide all of these things, then
> you cannot in good conscience open your doors.
> That's my feeling on the subject.

Wow... That's just amazing, well not. First you talk about 'universal
truths' and then you end with "That's my feeling on the subject". What a
 load of crap. </flame>

On the point your seem to be trying to make:
I'm all for providing decent enviroments to people, and I'm the safer an
enviroment the better (although not at all costs). When you open a
space, you decide what you open to the public and under what conditions.
Toilets are nice, so is warmth, but they're hardly manditory.
Just don't push your personal social/cultural values on me.

Personally, I'd just say it would be good to inform people if the case
is out of the ordinary.

> This is where FIRST sponsorship, and relationships with established
> public resources such as libraries and museums comes into play in a very
> big way.  Jump all over this stuff.  Donate some weekends to a workshop
> at a science museum or library.  Donate some evening to helping kids
> build a robot at school.  Be involved, build a case for removing this
> stupid legislation.  Shouting, this is wrong has never been anywhere
> nearly as effective as demonstrating what is right.  And that's the very
> essence of what hackerspaces were born from. 

sounds like a good solution for the US problem.

> Anyways that's my rambling early am thoughts on the subject.

And these are my (perhaps somewhat agressive) comments on them.

Perhaps we should just clearly seperate when we're talking about the US
or the rest of the world.


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