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But what exactly is a minor?  I know some 7 year olds who can hack rings around me in certain domains and are at least as little accident prone.   Then I know some dear grown up geeks that I wouldn't want to see moving around much away from their domain of expertise without supervision.   :)   At the very least a lot of teenage hackers should not be a big issue.   

- samantha

On Jan 25, 2010, at 7:47 AM, Matt Joyce wrote:

> Preface: 
> I think kids should be allowed in hackerspaces when conditions make that a sane parenting move.
> Characters:
> Tommy Juvenile
> Dave Derelict
> Tim Hacker
> Maxine Maker
> Setting: A random hacker space in present day United States.
> Act I:
> Maxine and Tim enter
> Tim:  wow this is awesome, we're hacking up a storm.
> Maxine: hell yes it is.  I just attached a cat to another cats back and through it off a roof...  I've violated the fundamental laws of conservation of energy.  Next!  Toast!
> Act II:
> Maxine and Tim are hosting an open hackathon
> Dave Derelict enters with his son Tommy Juvenile
> Tim: Hey Dave, brought the kid today eh?
> Dave: Yeah, he loves this stuff
> Tommy stares blankly
> Dave unpacks and gets to work assembling a fine product from american vendor adafruit.  Go USA!
> Maxine: Hey Tim come help me hoist up this antenna on the roof. 
> Tim: Okay, Dave you have the helm.
> Dave: leave it to me!
> Dave solders away
> Tommy is wandering around
> Tim and Maxine exit
> Act III:
> Tim and Maxine enter
> Dave is finishing up his kit
> Tommy is lying under a collapsed shelf
> Tim:  Jesus Christ!
> Maxine: I'll call 911
> Dave:  This thing is so cool.
> Tommy gives a death rattle.
> Act IV:
> Tim and Maxine are sitting under a box eating cat food.
> Tim: We had waivers..
> Maxine: We had insurance..
> Together: Why the hell did we attach our names to this...
> Big Dance Number.
> Obviously a worse case scenario.  But it closely mimics a real scenario that almost played out at nycr.  What you need to realize about US liability is that it absolutely is 100% non functional.  TORT reform has been wanted by most people for 30 years.  But beyond that, courts always rule in the interests of what is best for the welfare of a child.  One major injury to a child under any circumstances would be the end of your hackerspace.  Insurance would likely cover it, but you'd be unable to pay increased fees and find a new provider.  And that's best case.
> Additionally some folks just don't want to deal with kids sometimes.  Which I get as well, but that's neither here nor there.
> Simply put though, a kid could easily hurt themselves in our space.  And we would cease to exist for increasing values of hurt.
> -Matt
> You can argue with that logic as much as you want, but we did our homework at nycr and contacted local legal minds.  Our rule against kids was base mostly on this single issue.  I was among an almost non existent group of dissenters, but I clearly recognize the sanity in choosing to disallow children in US spaces.
>> On Jan 25, 2010 9:25 AM, "jur1st" <jur1st at cowtowncomputercongress.org> wrote:
>> Our memberships apply to households and if a kid isn't of legal age to enter into a contract their parents must sign on their behalf.
>> Parents (that would be involved in hackerspaces) aren't stupid and even with our new CNC machine, we don't have anything down there more dangerous than what you might find in a high school shop class or down at the vo-tec.
>> For what it's worth, our insurance provider didn't specifically ask about minors using the facility.
>> - jur1st
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