[hackerspaces] a telepresence robot in an interesting place

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 19:44:07 CET 2010

It looks like the Menlo Park Tech Shop, but it could be one of their other locations (http://techshop.ws/locations.html)
At the start of the video the human says Welcome to TechShop.

TechShop is a franchise with a HUGE space and lots of equipment. It is a commercial variant of the Hackerspace concept
There will probably be people who say it isnt a true hackerspace, but thats just semantics and ownership patterns.
Just like a FabLab - which is the academic variant.

They are trying to open TechShops in various places - like LA - but funding such ventures got tough lately.
I'm not sure how competition or cooperation would work between these and hackerspaces.
The membership fees are about on par ($125/mo for TechShop Menlo Park), and they got LOTS of equipment.
I took a couple SBU classes there a year ago with my 12yo son and it was great.  Unfortunately its too far for regular visits.
It was one of the few places that would teach welding to a 12yo!

> Hi
> while searching for current development in telepresence robots, I came
> around this website
> http://www.headthere.com/
> with a video showing a walk through an interesting place. Anyone knows
> what and where that is?
> Georges
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