[hackerspaces] hackerspaces in AMS?

3ric Johanson 3ricj at shmoo.com
Sat Jan 23 11:22:35 CET 2010

I'm going to be in Amsterdam this sunday (tomorrow) for a few hours - - 
from about 8am until 2pm - - headed to munich after that, then back to the 

If anyone cares to show me how to find coffee in any of these coffee shops 
in AMS  -- - it would be lovely.   I wouldn't mind checking out some of 
the hackerspaces in the area.

About me: I hurd cats over at hackerbotlabs.com and invent crazy stuff 
over at intvenlab.com for my lovely day job.  I'm headed to munich to 
speak at DLD.

Write me back offline if you'd like to show me around or whatever. Not 
interested in tourist traps or the like; it's not my first time to the 

However, the list of hackerspaces in the area looks somewhat sad - - 
Slug's website is down, ASCII is closed... hmmm.. thus, posting to the 


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