[hackerspaces] Looking for Sat Phone help for group heading to Hati

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 21:49:40 CET 2010

Hey Hackers,

I'm loosely in touch with a group heading to Haiti on Tuesday.
They're looking for a comms person to help in their efforts to aid
recovery, search and rescue, etc.  This group wants someone who knows
satellite phones, and someone with a HAM DX kit would be a bonus.
They have a phone (though more would be great) and there might be an
invite to join them on the ground if situations work out.

If you are interested or can suggest someone, please email me directly
with some light background, and I'll make introductions off-list.

hack on,
- Far McKon
http://www.Hive76.org  "Making things awesome,  making awesome things!"
http://www.FarMcKon.net "Creatively Maladjusted"

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