[hackerspaces] Um...ahhh...Condom Hacking...!

Hank The Curmudgeon hkrishman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 18:40:31 CET 2010


Discuss your new condom hack ideas not already covered in the video.

Note: Original intended application of condom is not considered a
valid new use for purposes of this discussion.

Hank's Idea #1 Use the condom as an improvised ice block for a lunch
pail to keep the interior contents cold yet dry until said lunch. Fill
the condom with water, tie off and freeze solid. Once frozen put in
lunch pail avoiding things like bottle cap edges that could compromise
the integrity of the condom allowing it to leak as it thawed.

Hank's Idea #2 Cut the condom into 1/4" (1 cm) wide strips (either in
circumference to make rings or lengthwise to make strips) and use them
either singly or in multiples to provide for emergency replacement of
small springs.

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