[hackerspaces] Roaming Membership USA Was: Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 20:37:32 CET 2010

> simmer down now, that isn't what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that
> right now, pre-this-wiki-page it seems there is a general all people
> from hackerspaces are welcome at other hackerspaces policy that we all
> agree on.

>  It might be unspoken but when I asked if anyone had been
> denied access to any other space everyone agreed that hadn't happened
> so we're talking about formalizing something that is already working
> fine and without problems.

I think we are miscommunicating on two points there. I'm not talking
about formalization, just listing existence of other agreements.
Second is that the goal
is to list agreemnts between spaces that are more than just 'you can
visit us while someone is in the space' level agreements.

The goal of that page (from my point of view) was to list situations
where there was more of a policy than simply 'you're always welcome as
a guest' (which is the blanket case) but to list more in-depth access
options that some spaces have created.

> You are asking spaces to create a white list of other spaces they
> accept which is way more restrictive than the current situation.

That is not what I am asking, and if it's unclear, please let me know
how. What I was trying to ask was for spaces to list themselves when
they have more in-depth collaboration that accepting other hackers as

> Someone looking at that list who didn't see the name of the
> hackerspace-A where they were a member of next to hackerspace-B might
> assume they aren't welcome there when it fact the real issue could be
> simply hackerspace-B being unaware of hackerspace-As existence.

Sure, so maybe we should add a 'Almost all spaces accept other
hackerspcae members as visitors' section on the top of the page.  The
collabortion is labeled as levels of 'cross membership', not
visitor-ship or friendship to indicate that it's not just visiting,
but having a deeper collaboration.

> I'm not assuming anything, this is what we've been talking about in
> this discussion so far. So far everyone has said members of other
> hackerspacers are welcome, and no one has said only members from X but
> not from Y are welcome.

Sorry if I put words in your mouth on assumptions, but based on what
you were saying, that is how it came across to me. The descriptions of
the levels of cross membership are more in depth that 'others hackers
are welcome to visit or use our space'.

> The norm seems that all members of all hackerspaces are welcome at
> others, the rare exception should be the thing that is noted.

Yes, and accepted as guests (usually if someone is already in the
space) but not a automatic members, or getting keys, or other member
benefits like voting, server admin, being able to take equipment home,
or any other space-member benefits, etc.

I *thought* those descriptions I wrote clearly describe more than a
'come visit or work at our space' level of interaction.If they are not
clear that they are indicating more than that, can you fix them? Or
let me know how to clarify that, so I can fix it?

cantankerous, and hack on,
- Far

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