[hackerspaces] Roaming Membership USA Was: Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

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On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Far McKon <farmckon at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Sean Bonner <seanbonner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Seems like "automatic basic" should just be a list of spaces, trying
>> to include each one with all it's specific reciprocities could get
>> kind of insane.
> What? Nooo. No way.  Terrible idea.  Spaces are (and should be)
> self-determining, not at the command of some central committee.
> Forcing individual spaces to open themselves is dictitoral, and stands
> against many of the goals and ideas of hackerspcaes. And there is a
> lot of mis-use of the hackerspcaes.org listing.
> For example Pokono listed itself as a space with 70,000 members and locations.

whoah whoah whoah whoah!

simmer down now, that isn't what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that
right now, pre-this-wiki-page it seems there is a general all people
from hackerspaces are welcome at other hackerspaces policy that we all
agree on. It might be unspoken but when I asked if anyone had been
denied access to any other space everyone agreed that hadn't happened
so we're talking about formalizing something that is already working
fine and without problems.

You are asking spaces to create a white list of other spaces they
accept which is way more restrictive than the current situation.
Someone looking at that list who didn't see the name of the
hackerspace-A where they were a member of next to hackerspace-B might
assume they aren't welcome there when it fact the real issue could be
simply hackerspace-B being unaware of hackerspace-As existence.

Having to explicity list hundreds of hackerspaces next to each and
every other hackerspace seems like a crazy amount of work, and
unsustainable, just to clarify something that is already working fine.

>> All members of other hackerspaces are welcome at Crash Space seems
>> easier to say than listing each and every hackerspace that we
>> welcome...
> They by all means, if that is the decision of crash space as a group
> list Crash Space and for 'other spaces' write 'everyone on
> hackerspaces.org'. That is 100% wizard keen.  But don't go and assume
> that other spaces must (or should) behave the same way.

I'm not assuming anything, this is what we've been talking about in
this discussion so far. So far everyone has said members of other
hackerspacers are welcome, and no one has said only members from X but
not from Y are welcome.

The norm seems that all members of all hackerspaces are welcome at
others, the rare exception should be the thing that is noted.

> hack on,
> - Far McKon
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