[hackerspaces] Inter-Hackerspace Cooperation and Membership

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Fri Jan 8 09:52:19 CET 2010

Deech wrote:
> No, I don't think anyone has ever been denied access.
> This isn't about really enabling access, I think that's sort of
> already there. I think it's more about sort of "officially" saying,
> "Hey! You're welcome here! We accept you as one of our own! Gooble
> Gobble" secret handshakes all around and that sort of thing.

On one hand, as other people pointed out, I don't think it is necessary,
but on the other hand, as someone who has always been intrigued by
reputation economy, I would be curious to see how such a system comes out.
I say, let's try to go with it as a toy system. A trust system would be
interesting to test in the hacker's community.


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