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Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Wed Jan 6 20:21:27 CET 2010

Steve Clement wrote:
> But is getting ANY media recognition good? I know at least a few reasons
>  why it is very tricky to get good coverage.

Fox News is watched by the kind of people who could have a lot of very
negative ideas about the word "hacker". Any coverage that present them on a
good light is to be encouraged IMHO. That the journalist can't make the
difference between an Arduino and an iPhone isn't the greatest importance
for this kind of report anyway.

When someone says something positive about you but that is utter technical
nonsense, it is often a good idea to stop trying to correct them and just
say "well technically it is a bit more complicated but this is the idea".
Both you and your interlocutor gets mutual support and everyone gets happy.

> As a rule of thumb:
> - Set the rules on WHAT will be talked about how the things will be shot
> etc..

It is good to prepare as much as you can, but these people tend to have an
overbooked agenda and will stumble upon you at the last moment. The most
essential piece of information, IMHO, is to understand the general tone the
article will have and to get some bio info on the journalist. If you think
this will be hostile, no preparation will save you from being quoted out of
context. In this case it is better to refuse completely the coverage.

> Preferably you want to know what will be their "voice-overs" in the
> actual piece.
> You kind of have to control them otherwise you will end-up with a Story
> about how the bad hackers try to steal your network etc..

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