[hackerspaces] Scandinavian hackerspace meetup, summer 2010

Jens Christian Hillerup jens at hillerup.net
Fri Jan 1 15:06:38 CET 2010


At the CCC there was a workshop where Scandies came and talked about
the status of the (relatively few) hackerspaces in Scandinavia and the
possibilities in establishing a cross-border organization of sorts.
This would enable us to get funding for larger projects, talk about
stuff, have workshops, etc. At the CCC workshop there were people from
Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, as well as, I believe, one from

I have created a wiki page for the project here:
https://labitat.dk/index.php/Scandinavian_hackerspaces_meetup_2010 --
come see me in the IRC channel. Let's do it!

And BTW, Happy new year!

Yours hungoverly,

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