[hackerspaces] barcelona subdomain and list (?)

marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Fri Feb 26 09:14:15 CET 2010

There's a group using this wiki page:


i'd like to know about the availability of having a
barcelona.hackerspaces.org home instead and a list hosted at
lists.hss.org. which will help further integration of new ones with a more
consistent navigation/group's content management.

This group is formed with people with a kind of long spaces' hacking
background. This is a collaborative group, and although still doesn't show
'all' posible hss in barcelona is not blocking those to get integrated in
the network, it's a matter of time and telling a bit more to other peoples
about that it's a spaces distributed idea for an area(barcelona). and a
hss can be more things than hacklabs has shown in the past and the minimum
line's discuss will go on in here and everywhere. (the more purist spaces
hacking people can be just a clan in hs-bcn)(although for now, they are
the main pushers at hs-bcn). :)

pd. The http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Barcelona is a static one, which
can't be edited maybe.
There's people who, for that page, would prefer some borderless grrmaps
with a point in Barcelona city/province instead of the: Barcelona is a
city in "countrynamehere" because there are at least 4 different visions
of which "country" barcelona belongs to.
BTW: Actually in the hs-bcn's page the country shown is catalonia and in
the /barcelona one is spain.  And as said, there are at least 2 marginated
views. ;). please, if posible let's don't get the UN standards for
deciding or leave it up wiki editors.
Also: For places which have 2 names and there's polemix, we can always use
the english version for the hss url.

pd2. i'm a filterless man and just browsing sometimes the archives in here.

pd3. if this proposal is not blocked by some known reason or not, please
give the passws and further requests to the contact on cc.

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