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Wed Feb 10 17:06:39 CET 2010

I disagree. I see open competition as a great way to create multiple
solutions to a similar problem, at least with smaller projects. If we look
to the opensource community, and i'll point to linux distros in particular,
we see many different distros all competing for an install base. Each distro
is bringing something unique but all that uniqueness is open so any other
distro may copy that and incorporate it into their code.

What i propose are competitions that are open, so we still get the
innovation that competition can create yet still have the collaboration we
all want. A good example is a contest run by seeed studio to develop a
project for their rainbowduino. The rules stated that all projects code and
schematics had to be available at the end for everyone to share.
*I do not work for nor am I affiliated with seeed studio*

I don't see competition promoting elitism if everything is opened in the
end. Competition is not mutually exclusive of collaboration it can be strong
driver to innovate even if the only reward is the acknowledgment of other

Baltimore Node

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 10:46 AM, Philippe Langlois <
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> Definitely for me, the competition things is too spectacular and not in the
> spirit of what i do with hackespaces
> competition promotes elitism and kills people with weak self-esteem, this
> is bad IMHO.
> i prefer collaboration... :)
> On 09 Feb 2010, at 22:15, Georges Kesseler wrote:
>> I'm wondering if competition is in the spirit of hackerspaces.
>> Take the demoscene competitions, it's often down to hiding the code to
>> have an advantage over others.
>> We are trying to be open and share.
>> Me personally I already find this quite difficult, being more from the
>> "invented here, not your's" generation.
>> So, better no competition but cross-space collaboration.
>> I see this already happen with arduino based access control systems.
>> Inspire each one, make it better, give it back.
>> Georges
>> Jeff Cotten wrote:
>>> Would any other hackerspace members be interested in organizing some kind
>>> of hackerspace award?
>>> I was thinking some kind of good spirited competition to see what kinds
>>> of innovations we can cook up in our projects.
>>> I'm hoping if we did do something like this, an award category could be
>>> some kind of "best hackerspace improvement."
>>> Like maybe a project that benefits members of hackerspaces, or better
>>> improves the quality of their hackerspace.
>>> Something that not only demonstrates innovation, but is something that
>>> all hackerspaces could benefit from.
>>> Do any hackerspaces already have any type of internal competitions?
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