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 During the fall a number of us headed down to Washington, DC to speak with
various government agencies and departments at The American Association for
the Advancement of Science <http://www.aaas.org/>, the country’s largest
science society.

That dialogue is starting to bear fruit. That’s Genspace's very own Dr.
Ellen Jorgensen and Ed You of the FBI’s WMD Directorate featured together in
the news photo.

"An informal meeting this fall brought three of them together with You and
others from the FBI, along with government and AAAS officials. The DIY
speakers described how a love of science and commitment to public engagement
has led them to hold exhibits at street fairs and form community labs.

Ellen Jorgensen, an assistant professor in pathology at New York Medical
College and president of the Genspace community lab in New York City,
acknowledged that cooperation with agents does not come easily for many in
the DIY movement.

 But, she said, “I think that the meetings we have had were very useful in
terms of fostering some trust between the FBI and the DIY biocommunity… To
kill a movement that embodies a reawakened public enthusiasm about science
due to concerns about biosecurity would be a terrible shame.”

Check out the article: “Science, Law Enforcement Build Biotech

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