[hackerspaces] WIRED on the power of online video

Ron Bean bucketworks at rbean.users.panix.com
Sun Dec 19 15:18:47 CET 2010

The current issue of WIRED has an article by Chris Anderson (of TED)
about how online video is accelerating innovation, because it allows
people to see each other's work, and build on it (this is less than
obvious to some people, because YouTube follows Sturgeon's law).
He claims video does this better than print, because watching something
happen is different from reading about it.

He notes that the quality of TED talks has been rising steadily since
they started putting the videos on line-- some people spend weeks or
months preparing an 18-minute talk.

What this says to me is that we should think more about putting video of
our projects online, not just still pictures.

The article is not on the website, but I expect it will be eventually.
It's on p112 of the January 2011 issue (it says "Artificial
Intelligence" on the cover).

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