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 From Sung won Lim's blog post on genspace.org (

After two years of blood, sweat, and labor (only a few tears), we finally
announced the birth of Genspace to the world on December 10th. The
preparation leading to the big day was typical of the ragtag crew of
Genspace: chaotic, intense, lasting way past most people’s bedtime, but it
mysteriously worked out in the end.

Everyone showed up: art students, scientists, writers, and long lost faces
from two years ago. Turns out two tables filled to the brim with food, wine
and beer weren’t quite enough to accommodate the bio-curious crowd in the
city (not to confuse our counterpart in SF <http://www.biocurious.org>).
It’s almost funny how we worried that no one would turn up.

The entire laboratory was strewn with Christmas lights. A light box
illuminated an algae bioreactor at the space. Screens were set up to show
videos of microscopic organisms, and on our desktop in the study a live feed
of strawberry tissue  streamed from a $12 USB microscope in the lab. Even
our neighbor Chris <http://chriswoebken.com/animalsuperpowers.html> pulled
out all the stops, demonstrating his  ‘animal sense’ contraption for people
to try.

We still have ways to go, however. We need to reach out to the population of
the city and show them that science is accessible. We need to work ever
harder to break the walls surrounding learning and practice of science, and
we need to create ever more ingenious, useful, and beautiful things.

The Genspace grand opening isn’t about the past two years, it’s about the
future. Let’s bring back the romance between the sciences and the public.  I
am proud to be a founding member of the first community biotech laboratory
in NYC.

Who knows? Maybe we really will end up changing the world for the better.

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