[hackerspaces] Syracuse (NY, USA) finally has a hackerspace

Koen Martens gmc at har2009.org
Thu Dec 16 17:53:08 CET 2010

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 11:04:24AM -0500, Christopher Pilkington wrote:
> We've finally got a hackerspace going here in Syracuse, New York
> (snowiest major city in the U.S.), we've named it Syracuse Innovators
> Guild.  I just dropped the rent check off to the landlord this
> morning.  We are quite excited.

Congratulations guys!

> If anyone is crazy enough to visit the Syracuse area, please stop by.
> Otherwise visit our intarweb presence at https://sig315.org (IPv6
> enabled and DNSSEC signed for your geeky enjoyment).  Oh and we have
> that failwhale thing at http://twitter.com/sig315 for those of you who
> are "social media experrtz".

I would definitely recommend a visit, having been there a few weeks ago
(when they had no space yet). Fun group. Good luck with your space!


Koen (gmc)

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