[hackerspaces] Call for HELP!! Hacker-sourced PechaKucha Talk

Nate Bezanson myself at telcodata.us
Mon Aug 30 14:56:31 CEST 2010

> hackerspace is. It can be funny, serious, or both. And
> it *should* include an accompanying slide if you really
> want me to use it! (I might butcher your idea, otherwise,
> visually.)

I'm no good with slides (even pdf/jpg -- you should see the dull fliers I
make!) but here are some of the ways I've explained hackerspaces:

A hackerspace is like a gym, but with soldering irons instead of

A hackerspace is like a 2600 meeting, with its own real estate. (Of
course, your audience won't get this. Sucks to be them!)

A hackerspace is a place where every single person here would find
something cool to do, build, take apart, learn, teach, or watch.

A hackerspace is part lounge, part garage, part lab, all member-driven.

A hackerspace is a kitchen for tech ideas. Full of tools and ingredients,
just waiting for you to cook up something interesting.

In one evening at our hackerspace, you're likely to overhear words like
the following: Blinky. Zener. Bridgeport. Waveguide. Hot-melt. Pressure
regulator. Megahertz. Radioisotope. Gobo. Polyfuse. Refrigerant. Laser.
Solenoid. Duct tape. Checksum. Electroluminescent. Mosfet. Beer.

Hope that helps,

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