[hackerspaces] Call for HELP!! Hacker-sourced PechaKucha Talk

Simon Dorfman simon at gumbolabs.org
Mon Aug 30 05:59:45 CEST 2010

Someone put this on our facebook page:
Like a community bike shop for computer/art/electronics tinkering/making.

Lots of folks in New Orleans are familiar with
PlanB<http://www.bikeproject.org/> (a
community bike shop) so that seemed like a good way to explain it to them.

Knowing what people's experiences are can make it easier to come up with a
simile/metaphor that will help them understand what hackerspaces are.


P.S.-I gave a talk at a local Pecha Kucha about our hackerspace and tried to
"target" the artist/designer/architect-types in the audience. Video and
slides are here:
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