[hackerspaces] LLC to non-profit - who's done it?

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Wed Aug 18 10:37:51 CEST 2010

I would like to know of hackerspaces which started as a for-profit  
entity and either attempted or successfully converted to a non-profit  
later in life? (US based).

I understand the reasons to go straight to non-profit rather than  
start as an LLC, but that only works for groups with enough man-power  
and money up front to do that. Our space is now an LLC operating  
internally as a non-profit for lack of better wording. Our intent is  
to keep the door to conversion open for use down the road, if things  
fall apart the loss of financial investment to the founders is  
minimized. Yea it will cost more money to convert, but if we've been  
operating successfully then there will be cash reserves stockpiled and  
earmarked for the conversion, no additional burden on founders and  
members. No money? No worries, we keep on trucking as-is or close the  

I've heard a rumor of a space that was very successful as an LLC and  
then dissolved and disbanded for good when they went to become a non- 
profit. Fact or fiction?


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