[hackerspaces] Netduino Class Now Free and you still get the Free Netduino

David Powell davepow16 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 18:24:47 CEST 2010

We are excited to announce that Chris Walker from Netduino.com has kindly
offered to cover the cost for the first 12 people who sign up for the
Netduino class. So go to
http://harfordhackerspace.org/2010/08/netduino-class/ and* Reserve Your
Seat. *You must be present to receive your *Free* *Netduino*. Chris is ready
to give back to the hacker community and wants to use our class as his
testing grounds. So please be sure to attend if you reserve a ticket. Chris
is eager to meet all of you.

Those of you who already purchased a ticket will be refunded in full.

Harford Hackerspace

*Original Announcement:*

Harford Hackerspace is teaming up with Secret Labs CTO Chris Walker to teach
the first ever Netduino class. Attendees will receive a
*FREE*Netduino<http://www.netduino.com/> with
the purchase of their ticket. This is your chance to learn cool details
about the Netduino and .NET Micro Framework. Come see what all the buzz is

You will learn how to:

   - Install Netduino SDK
   - Build your first Netduino Blinky App in C#
   - Build an LED Cube
   - Make LED Cube Animations in C#

Chris Walker from Secret Labs will be present to assist with the class and
answer all your Netduino questions. Limited number of Netduinos and seats
available.  Book now.

*Required: *Participants will need a laptop with Visual Studio C# Express
2010 <http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/#2010-Visual-CS> (free)
already installed.
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