[hackerspaces] Hippie Hacker Tour 010

Pedro Umbelino umbelino at crazydog.pt
Mon Aug 16 12:01:59 CEST 2010

Hi all,

First of all, let me express again my sincere gratitude for everyone
that has promptly reply, either in this mailing list, privately, in irc
or in the blog.
It's always good to see that there are still people capable of offering
things to a complete stranger, it seems that the 70's spirit lived on ;)

Thank you!

Secondly, i'll try and go as far as Amsterdam and then back (hopefully).
I don't like to plan everything beforehand, so the only fixed
destination so far will be Barcelona through the south of Spain
~(Sevilha, Valencia, Tarragona).
I plan to gather some wifi and bt stats along the way that i'll be
posting somewhere for the interested parts.
The trip can be followed in the vw25 blog @ http://vw25.blogspot.com ,
i'll try to post as regularly as i can.
I also had planned to install a fm transmitter :) but dunno if i have
the time...

Many thanks to you good people!
Tempus fugit,

Pedro Umbelino

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